The Code assesses the performance of dwellings in the following areas:

BRE Global and CLG have worked closely together to ensure that the Code meets the latest regulatory requirements and addresses issues that emerged from an earlier industry wide consultation.

Compliance with the Code

Code assessments are carried out in two phases:

  • An initial assessment and interim certification is carried out at the design stage
  • Final assessment and certification is carried out after construction.

Design specifications are assessed for each individual dwelling, before construction begins. A rating is determined, and (subject to quality assurance) a Design Stage or Interim Certificate is awarded for each dwelling. Registered assessors can apply for assessment of a site, compile and submit a design report for assessment and monitor the assessment status online.

• Based on design drawings, specifications and commitments
• Results in interim certificate of compliance


The Post Construction Stage (PCS) assessment confirms that dwellings have either been built to the Design Stage specifications or to (documented) variations from the Design Stage. Variations must be re-assessed so that new scores and Code levels can be calculated for each affected dwelling. Where a Design Stage assessment has been done, it is used to inform the PCS assessment.

• Based on the design stage review
• Confirmation of compliance including site records and visual inspection.


The Code Scoring System

The Code has a scoring system of six levels. The different levels are made up by achieving both the appropriate mandatory minimum standards together with a proportion of the ‘flexible’ standards. Code Level 3 is approximately equal to the Ecohomes VERY GOOD score.

Further information regarding the Code including a copy of 'A step-change in sustainable home building practice' can be downloaded from the CLG website


Contact a licensed Code for Sustainable Homes assessment organisation
Become a licensed Code for Sustainable Homes assessor
Download the official Code documentation from CLG’s planning portal

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